Building Bridges offers professional learning opportunities for community members looking to deepen their communication skills and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Groundwork sessions are a great starting place for folks new to Building Bridges and invested in deepening their journey of inclusion and equity. These one-time sessions are provided in race-based affinity groups in order to center racial equity and growth.  

These virtual sessions use a framework called the 4 I’s of Oppression to explore how layers of privilege and oppression contribute to systemic oppression as a whole. During the session, participants will dialogue, write, and reflect on the ways that oppression has played out according to their racial identities.

Participating in a Groundwork session is a prerequisite for Liberated and Uprooted.


Liberated is an 8-hour experience created for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to find freedom and community in liberating themselves from oppressive systems. This training draws from multiple requests from BIPOC expressing a desire for more race-based affinity spaces focused on healing, learning, and networking. 

Liberated creates space for BIPOC to commune and converse about topics that aren’t often highlighted in the inclusion and equity trainings that we attend. Let’s talk about colorism. Let’s talk about sexism within racial minority groups. Let’s talk about how erasure, anti-blackness, and white supremacy and how these issues show up in ALL of our communities. Let’s examine and uproot the ways in which white supremacy is showing up in our personal and professional contexts, and reorient toward liberation. 

*NOTE Groundwork for BIPOC is a prerequisite for participation in Liberated.

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How do we dismantle oppressive systems in our inner world, in order to create equitable systems in our outer world?

Uprooted is an 8-hour deep dive into personal and interpersonal practices that examine white privilege, challenge white supremacy, and reorient toward liberation.

This highly experiential training draws from Building Bridges’ conflict transformation model, and pulls from facilitators’ lived experiences countering their own internalized white dominance. Uprooted seeks to create a space for white-identified people to increase their skills, accountability, and support for dismantling white supremacy.

*NOTE Groundwork for White Individuals is a prerequisite for participation in Uprooted.


Rooted has been a two-day professional and personal development experience based on the model of conflict transformation. This training is designed to deepen your practice of inclusion and equity, and equip you with communication tools to navigate difficult conversations. Each day includes a combination of experiential workshops, community conversations on relevant issues to the U.S., and mindfulness practices focused on presence and peace.

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Connect Through Conflict

Connect through Conflict is a multi-day online training focused on building facilitation and conflict transformation skills around inclusion and equity. During this training, participants engage in a series of workshops, discussions, and think labs. All of these experiences center around individual and group identity development, empathy-building, and communication. Participants also get a chance to practice facilitation in mini-workshops throughout the training.

Connect through Conflict challenges participants to navigate topics centered around inclusion and equity to more effectively address these topics in both professional and personal settings. Whether you consider yourself an inclusion expert, novice, or anywhere in between, you can expect to be challenged, sharpened, and empowered.