Not your average DEI experience.

We develop organizations in diversity, equity and inclusion by means of communication and empathy.

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What We Offer

We offer online and in-person customized DEI Development (due to the pandemic we are only offering online services until further notice).

  1.  Our Core mission is to Equip inclusive leaders to transform divides in their communities
  2. We develop individuals in authentic leadership 
  3. We cultivate liberation in the workplace by equipping teams with the tools to care for and sustain an inclusive culture long after the consultants and trainers leave.

We are in the business of transformation. Driving a movement of inclusive leaders. 

Building Bridges integrates three key principles as a guide for all of our work:

  1. Inclusion and Accessibility.
  2. Transformational Leadership.
  3. Anti-Oppression and Intersectional Analysis.


Potential Needs/Ways to work with us

1.DEI consultation

  • Strategy, Next Steps, Assessment and Curriculum Design specific for your business or organization


2. Customized DEI Workshops

  • Single Session
  • 3 or 4-Part Customized DEI Series
  • Groundwork Sessions for your workplace (BIPOC or White affinity spaces)
  • Facilitation training for your staff team


3. Long Term DEI development

  • 6-Month, 9-Month, 12-Month Plans for Staff Teams, and Boards


4. Community Training (More details on Training Page)

  • Groundwork (4 I’s of Oppression session in race-based affinity groups, BIPOC and White)
  • Uprooted and Liberated (Continued work in race-based affinity cohorts focused on uprooting white supremacy and liberation)
  • Connect Through Conflict (DEI facilitator training)
    1. We believe that if a person or group wants to dismantle systems of oppression on the large scale of a workplace or institution, they must begin with dismantling internalized beliefs and behaviors of those oppressive systems that exist within
    2. We cultivate liberation in the workplace by equipping teams with the tools to care for and sustain an inclusive culture long after the consultants and trainers leave.  
    3. We use a relational, empathic approach that opens up dialogue and sharing rather than shaming or shutting down different perspectives.  People leave our trainings feeling connected to their peers and challenged to continue growing.
    4. We explicitly focus on addressing workplace culture, over business strategy.
    5. We address both culture and strategy in our DEI development, as both are critical to effective long-term growth within businesses. 
    6. We focus on supporting and embedding inclusive culture as a necessary component to implementation of inclusive business processes.
    7. We acknowledge the privileged and oppressed identities in any group we work with, and we acknowledge the differing needs/growth areas associated with all identities 
    8. We support internal reflection around DEI that leads to external change in your personal and professional contexts
    9. We create spaces of learning that cultivate community, honesty and vulnerability 
    10. We focus on relationship-building while also making space for navigating conflict
    11. We facilitate inclusive and equitable dialogue and development by means of communication and empathy
    12. We utilize mindfulness practices in order to connect holistic healing and presence to intellectual change
    13. We believe in the need for LONG-TERM change in order for diverse, equitable and inclusive systems to take shape
    14. We believe that an organization is only as anti-racist as it’s leadership team, and we challenge leaders accordingly
  • Key Learning Priorities:
    •       Learners engage each other and facilitators as co-learners, voluntarily.
    •       Learners engage in direct experiences with focused reflection to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, develop capacity, and plan for future action.
    •       By learning and practicing specific communication tools, learners deepen and develop relationships, and effectively navigate through conflict.
    •       Rooted in a practice of empathy, we support learners in prioritizing radical realness and creating a space where the community can practice accountability to each other.
  • 25+ years of proven impact and DEI development, rooted in conflict transformation around systemic oppression
  • Diverse facilitator team (intentional diversity of race, gender, ability, sexuality, religion, age)
  • Dynamic, experiential approach: workshops designed to engage all participants in both online and in-person settings
  • Anti-Oppression and Intersectional Lens applied to all workshops
  • Accessible approach for all learning styles and neurodiverse participants
  • Curriculum centered in anti-racism, and uprooting white supremacy
  • Practical communication tools to aid teams in conflict navigation and increase empathy

Potential DEI Topics:

    1.  Building Bridges Communication Skills
    2.  Emotional Intelligence in relation to DEI
    3. Cultural Intelligence in relation to DEI
    4. 4 I’s of Oppression Framework (Ideological, Institutional, Interpersonal, Internalized)
      • A version of Building Bridges Groundwork Session
    5. Race-based Affinity Group Sessions
    6.  Identity and Intersectionality
    7. White Supremacy 1.0- reflecting on personal identity
    8.  White Supremacy 2.0- reflecting on systems
      • Mix of Topics: Any of the topics listed above can be mixed together and/or customized with new topics to best fit the needs of the client
    9. Leadership-specific DEI Development
    10. Facilitation Training


Key Training Take-Aways – Participants in BB trainings will…

      1.  Develop and use shared language and definitions re: diversity, equity and inclusion, privilege and oppression, and white supremacy
      2. Gain deeper understanding around DEI, privilege, oppression, white supremacy and how these topics relate to the workplace
      3. Practice essential inclusive listening and communication skills for conflict transformation
      4. Meaningfully address identity, conflict, and interpersonal relationships


SAMPLE Long-term Plan, 6 Month: 8 Sessions

  • 6 sessions at 2-hours each, focused on DEI, facilitated and set up in a way to be continued by Staff Leads
      • Customized to meet the DEI Needs of ______
      • First three sessions in race-based affinity groups, focused on dismantling white supremacy in the workplace, maxed at 25 participants per group
      • Last three sessions in multiracial groups, maxed at 30 participants per group
      • Scheduled on a monthly basis
  • 2 DEI sessions specific for Board members (max of 20)
  • Two Building Bridges Facilitators at each session (co-facilitation, multiple racial identities represented)
  • 10 hours of ongoing DEI consultation: pre-training planning and post-training debrief around each session, continued consultation/coaching for staff team around DEI needs

All of our service offerings range in pricing based on a number of factors including: number of participants, number of facilitators needed, number of sessions, DEI focus area, timeline of the contract, level of customization and when in-person, travel outside Metro Denver.

Price Ranges to Expect:

    1. DEI Consultation- $300/hour
    2. Customized Workshop Series- $2,500-$10,000
    3. 6-Month DEI Development Plan- $15,000-$25,000
    4. 9-Month DEI Development Plan- $25,000-$35,000
    5. 12-Month DEI Development Plan- $35,000-$45,000

A note on pricing levels and potential discounts: 

      1. At Building Bridges, we view our work in the DEI sector as both an honor and a tremendous responsibility. We recognize that a diverse team is needed for adequately addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in any team. We also acknowledge that the emotional labor required of each facilitator varies on the identities that they hold, and whether or not they have to educate from one or more of their oppressed identities.
      2. For this reason, we set our pricing at a level that ensures adequate compensation for all facilitators involved and also allows us the flexibility to contract with a larger, more diverse facilitation team. We ask all interested clients to consider the financial commitment that is required for deepened, long-term DEI Development before requesting any kind of discount or price negotiation. We aim to be as equitable and inclusive as possible, and we are open to talking through financial barriers, but we also have set our prices as what we believe to be fair pricing in the DEI Sector.

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