Hosted twice a year, Connect Through Conflict is a weekend training unlike any other professional development experience in Metro Denver.

In this time of polarized opinions, more and more people are looking for the space and skills to have difficult and honest conversations, develop empathy, and deepen understanding. Based on our 20+ years of working with both adults and youth from seemingly impossible divides, we believe that our facilitation approach can help establish authentic unity in a diverse setting.

During the Connect through Conflict weekend training, you will experience a series of workshops centered around individual and group identity development, empathy-building and communication. These workshops will allow you to navigate topics centered around anti-oppression and inclusivity, and also equip you to address these topics in your own organization. Whether you consider yourself an expert facilitator, novice, or anywhere in between, you can expect to be challenged, sharpened, and empowered.

Come experience the art of conflict transformation with Building Bridges Shift!

For upcoming training dates, details, and registration, head over to our Events.

Image captures four people as they stand in a circle with others (off-camera) participating in a training activity. In the foreground, one participant smiles at the camera. The other three are in the background, looking off-camera to the left at the others in the circle.