Building Bridges: Transform brings together a diverse group of young people from Metro Denver high schools for a year-long life changing experience. Together they develop leadership and relationship-building skills like self-awareness, confidence, and empathy that are required for working through conflict and growing together from it.

These young leaders first focus on personal transformation and relationship-building, and then engage with their communities through a social change project. All participants are competitively selected for this dynamic program and receive a full scholarship for participation expenses.

Applications are closed for 2020-2021, but follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop for when we’ll open the process for next year!

Program Components

Building Bridges: Transform 2020-2021 lasts from June to April and includes:

Virtual Summer Workshops

Monthly Home Group Meetings throughout the School Year

August through April

Weekend Retreat*

Spring Retreat = March

*Subject to change due to COVID-19 safety precautions

Community Change Project

Planning and implementation November through March

Year-End Presentations and Celebration in April