New funding helps “Nurture Healthy Minds”

Image of 3 Building Bridges alumni standing side-by-side smiling at the camera. The words "Go Team!" are superimposed over the photograph.
Image description: Three Building Bridges alumni standing side-by-side smiling at the camera. The words “Go Team!” are superimposed over the photograph.

We are thrilled to announce that The Colorado Health Foundation awarded Building Bridges a two-year grant from, totaling $150,000!  These funds will support youth resiliency as part of the Foundation’s commitment to “Nurture Healthy Minds”.  

With the Foundation’s pivotal investment, Building Bridges will be able to accomplish the following in the next two years:

  • Expand our Transform youth development program to reach more young people
  • Support youth participants as they develop greater social-emotional well-being, resiliency, and agency for social change
  • Deepen our commitment to youth-adult partnership by working directly with schools and youth-serving nonprofits to not only reach more young people but also provide critical professional development to youth leaders and youth-serving adults.

Raegan Quattlebaum, Building Bridges Program Coordinator, leads the implementation of our youth work.  She shares, “I am so grateful for this funding from the Colorado Health Foundation. Not only are we able to continue programming for our amazing high school students, but we can move full force ahead with training the adults in their lives! Our young people will have the necessary skills to become change makers in Colorado and the world, and they will have adults who support their efforts along the way.”  
Now in our 25th year of driving transformation and inclusion, we know that true change takes time.  And we know how important it is to be invested in the long haul.  We are grateful that the Foundation has chosen to make a multi-year commitment to long-lasting, long-term positive change – for our youth, for the adults who serve them, and for our communities.  

Rylie Clark, an alum and current facilitator trainee, provided her perspective and expertise during the Foundation’s site visit.  We asked her recently what this new funding source means for Building Bridges and the impact we can have on our community.  Here’s what she shared: 

“The funding we have received has a big impact on the Building Bridges community because this gives a chance to share our vision of support and care. The support and care I am talking about is giving other young adults the chance to join our community within the Transform program and giving them a chance to make a difference within their communities.”

You can join The Colorado Health Foundation, young adults like Rylie, and hundreds of other community supporters to help continue to expand the vision of a more just and inclusive community. 

Click the here to make a gift today!

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