Alumni Fellows Leading the Way

This summer, we launched a new program. The Transform Alumni Fellowship supports a select group of recent alumni to deepen their skills in leadership and facilitation. This Fellowship runs June 2019-February 2020, and positions youth leaders as peers alongside staff and board.

As a result of participation, Fellows were able to join BB’s board of directors in strategic business planning. Fellows offered important, insightful feedback that helped drive the discussion and frame BB’s next chapter of development. They spoke passionately about the impact BB has had on their lives and on their motivation to be leaders in their schools and communities.

As we head into the school year, the Fellows will continue working on communication and leadership skills. They will be trained to facilitate workshops and lead dialogue groups. And, maybe most importantly, they will continue to be critical voices in guiding our planning for BB.

If you want to learn more about the support our Alumni Fellows could provide to you, please reach out! Our team of trained youth facilitators are available to lead dialogue and support community groups in having tough, transformational conversations. Reach out to Raegan Quattlebaum for more info!

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