Inaugural Blog

Welcome to the new Building Bridges blog!
We want to invite you, our friend/supporter/participant/alumni/community member, into our organization in as many ways as we can.  Our monthly newsletter comes right to your inbox, our Facebook and Twitter accounts help us hear back from you on thoughts and events on a daily basis, and our new website gives you more detailed information about all of it.
This blog offers a more intimate look inside the organization, with at least monthly updates from staff about what’s happening with the program, and from participants and alumni about their experiences.  We’ll also be sharing our Building Bridges perspective on what’s happening in the world.
You’ll be able to access the blog from our homepage at, and we’ll let you know on Facebook and Twitter when there’s a new post.
Please let us know what you are thinking!
Erin and Jen
Erin Breeze, Executive Director (on Maternity Leave)
Jen Sarché, Acting Executive Director

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