We’ve got a new name and look

We are thrilled to embrace ‘Building Bridges’ as the name under which we operate, as we believe it speaks to the core of what we do.

Our best-known program, Building Bridges for Peace, which participants have shortened to ‘Building Bridges’ for years, has often been confused with our former organizational name, Seeking Common Ground.  Changing the name in this way allows us to communicate more clearly and powerfully about our work.

To help us amplify the impact of our new name, we also have a new look.  We believe our new logo represents us in a very deep way.  When we look at the new logo we see movement and expansion, creativity, and the kaleidoscope of the people that we serve.  And, maybe most importantly, it is in itself a perspective exercise.  Among our staff and board, we all see different things, dialogue boxes, faces, gears, little people reaching out, and we hear new interpretations of it every day.

The new name and look have been well-received by supporters and alumni, and is one of several outcomes of a strategic planning process completed in 2012, that was undertaken by the board and staff, with input from participants, alumni and other key stakeholders.


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